Auctioning/Bidding Rules.

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Auctioning/Bidding Rules.

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:08 am

Here are a couple of rules for the Auction House:
-Post the date and time for when the auction ends. (Add the timezone)
-Have a bid increment.
-Have a starting bid.
-Describe the item a little bit. Or atleast give the name.
-You may only bid one at a time. Means no double posting.
-After you have posted a bid DO NOT go back and modify it.
-Bids after the time the auction ends DO NOT count.
-And also you can have MORE than one auction going.. the limit is three. You HAVE to be able to finish all your auction or it will count as a warning and will be deleted.

And thats pretty much it for the rules... have fun!

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